Meg Mac in Melbourne at The Forum

Written By | Daniel Hanssen

The Forum was set alight on Saturday night as Meg Mac brought her ‘Give Me My Name Back’ tour to Melbourne. The Forum marked the centre mark of the tour and was Meg’s hometown show on the tour since moving to Melbourne.

Reading rave reviews throughout the entire length of the tour any fan of Meg Mac’s would have been thrilled for what was to come, but first up punters were gifted with the night’s opening act Fergus James. Fergus was a great warm up act, bringing a simmering indie rock sound to the Forum’s stage. While Fergus has only had two tracks released in “What Are We Waiting For” and “Golden Age”, both of them gave him a glowing record on stage, alongside a long list of unreleased numbers that definitely gave him the weight to be up on that stage.

Meg Mac’s set was unbelievable, with her grace and charm controlling the crowd as soon as she came out onto the stage. The fifth time she has performed on the Forum stage marked a big moment in Meg Mac’s career, the now popular “Give Me My Name Back” single the gateway to her upcoming album. All three of her most 2019 releases were on display on the tour and in the lead up to her second album release; Hope, later this year. All three tracks, “Give Me My Name Back”, “Something Tells Me” and “I’m Not Coming Back” made up the backbone of the set with the tracks the first time many of her fans would have heard the tracks live. The set also included much of Meg Mac’s first album Low Blows as well as her EP under her own name. The harmonies of “I’m Not Coming Back” through to the clapping of “Grandma’s Hands” kept the crowd enamoured and completely engaged with the performance.

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Meg Mac’s 2017 ‘Like A Version’ was a national hit with now over one million views on Youtube as the tribute to Tame Impala’s ‘Let It Happen’ bringing together both their sound and Meg Mac’s. It was a brilliant way to lead into the encore and the already earnest crowd seemed to get straight back into the action as soon as Meg and her backing vocalist hummed the dark opening chords. Meg Mac closed the night on ‘Roll Up Your Sleeves’, the famous track a throwback to her first EP and early career. The sold out crowd sang along with her word for work underlining the impact that Meg Mac has been able to create through her ongoing career.

Meg Mac’s tour continues through the month in the upcoming cities, catch her at these venues:

Wednesday, 8th May ANU, Canberra

Thursday, 9th May Uni Bar, Wollongong

Friday, 10th May Newcastle Uni, Newcastle

Thursday, 16th May Tanks, Cairns

Thursday, 23rd May Hobart Uni, Hobart


Photo Credit: Daniel Hanssen



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