Michal Menert & The Pretty Fantastics play a full-toned set in Salt Lake City

Written By | Grant Kates

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Soundwell SLC is located in downtown Salt Lake City on 200 South across from the Salt Palace Convention Center. Local SLC residents will know this building as an older club, “Hotel/Elevate.”

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Nobide is a group of four musicians from Boulder, Colorado: Matt McElwain, Ted Kleist, Tanner Fruit, and Nick Vann. They have an electronic jazzy sound with upbeat tempos and funky guitar riffs. The minimal use of vocals gives them a more jam band presence and gets people up and dancing in no time.

As they progressed further into their set the crowd began to grow and crowd closer to the gate. They played songs off of their album, “Contrary to Popular Belief,” along with some of their singles, “Nitelite” and “Wildin’ Out.” This was my first time hearing their music and I was impressed by their variety and their sound; they provided the perfect warm up for the headlining act.

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Photo By | Grant Kates

Michal Menert and, his band, the Pretty Fantastics have been making music together since 2015 with Super Best Records. Their sound blends and layers on many levels. On a single track you might hear some electronic, hip-hop, or jazz; all coupled with melodic male and female vocals.

There was never a dull moment through the entirety of the show and you could tell by the crowd. There were songs made to be danced to like “See You Again” and “Feeling Better.” There were others more mellow and slow tempo moment such as “Diamonds in My Pocket” and “From the Sea.”

Photo By | Grant Kates

From the moment they stepped on the stage the headliners had the crowd hypnotized in a state of head bobbing to straight foot stomping goodness. You could tell that everyone there was having a great time with the performers.

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