Singer-songwriter, producer and advocate MILCK debuts the music video for her new single Animal, a transformative song about finding expansion amidst current events. MILCK describes the song as an invitation to people to “reclaim their wildness as an act of revolution.” The music video was filmed on the beaches of Los Angeles with an all-Female cast, including powerful healer artist Yumi Sakugawa and GRAMMY-winner Autumn Rowe, who is featured on MILCK’s recent protest song “We Won’t Go Back” with BIIANCO and Ani DiFranco. Fifty percent of the proceeds from “We Won’t Go Back” are being donated to Planned Parenthood, SisterSong and Yellowhammer Fund. “Animal” continues the overarching theme in MILCK’s new music profile, defined by moments of major changes that our society is facing.

“My hope,” MILCK continues, “is to create a video of raw beauty as a soothing antidote to the feelings of rigidity we are encountering in our current environments.”

Directed by Jing Niu, who served on the editorial team for Everything Everywhere All at Once, intended for the new music video was to lean into the organic nature of human instinct and connection. Jing, who used a vintage Super 8 camera, says “With this video, I’m trying to ask the question – how can we get back to our essential self? I wanted to use natural elements to paint a portrait of female liberation in our bodies. I hope to encourage folks to embrace freedom, spontaneity. I’m so thrilled with the final piece because it reflects our hands-on, hearts-open approach to collaboration.”

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MILCK is no stranger to revolutions, after finding worldwide success with her viral song “Quiet” during the 2017 Women’s March, she established the Somebody’s Beloved Fund to use her music to generate resources for ten grassroots beneficiaries that build power around racial justice, feminism, LGBTQIA+ rights, criminal justice reform and mental health. Ten percent of proceeds from the “Animal” music video will go towards Somebody’s Beloved Fund. On October 8th, she will return to the Women’s March in DC to participate yet again, protesting for Women’s Rights following the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

Recently, MILCK also participated in New York Fashion Week, for the esteemed Survivor Fashion Show, which honors the voices of Women who have survived sexual assult. She’s become an important voice for women’s rights and this year alone, has spoken at Global Citizen NOW, Planned Parenthood’s #BansOffOurBodies, and Vital Voices’ Global HQ alongside Secretary Hillary Clinton, Diane von Furstenberg, and Amanda Nguyen.

Last month, MILCK lent her voice to Billboard’s cover story feature ‘Roe’ Overturned: Music’s Leaders on How to Take Action. MILCK’s been featured in the Grammy Museum, TIME Magazine, Elle, NPR, Forbes, BUST, People Magazine, Vulture, InStyle on The Kelly Clarkson Show and more.

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