NATALIA JIMÉNEZ presents a new and powerful version of “CREO EN MÍ” the first single from her new album ANTOLOGÍA 20 …

Internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter Natalia Jimenez returns with a revamped and intimate version of her iconic song Creo En MíThis revamped version achieves the unthinkable: a more powerful and moving rendition than the original.

“‘Creo En Mí’ is an anthem for oneself, which little by little has been growing in the hearts of many, many people. Over the years I have received many, many testimonies of how this song has helped them overcome and survive difficult times,” said Jiménez. “I am very proud to be able to present this new version, much more intimate and personal, so that my fans can hear it in a new arrangement that highlights the importance of the lyrics in this song”.

“Creo En Mí” also has its own music video. It is an evocative black and white audiovisual production that uses images to poetically evoke the process of reinforcing self-esteem and celebrating the things that make each person unique. It was recorded in Jalisco, Mexico, directed by Andrés Ibañez Díaz Infante and featuring a symphony orchestra from Guadalajara.

“Talking with the director, we had the initiative to make a video in which the song, the interpretation and the music are the protagonists. I am representing a black swan, a misunderstood animal, different among its peers, but whose differences only make it more beautiful and special and unique,” added the artist.

This new version of the song “Creo En Mi,” which is the first single from the new album, Antología 20 Años, in which the artist who is considered one of Spain’s best female voices, shares a new versions of her greatest hits – including those from her early career with her group La Quinta Estación, under the production of the renowned producer, Cheche Alara, who also collaborated with Natalia in the songwriting of the three new songs that are part of this new material, as well as two of the new songs that include the participation of Mario Domm, from the renowned pop group Camila.

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The release of new versions of her greatest hits adds to the great moment that Natalia is experiencing, who, in addition to having multiple projects on the horizon, has one of the most successful international tours for a solo singer-songwriter who dominates the regional and pop genres, an advantage that places her in the likes of a large and diverse audience throughout the American continent and Spain.

Her previous albums México de Mi Corazón Volume 1 and 2, which topped popularity and sales charts, established her as one of the favorites among the public. Which is why her Regional Mexican set at her concerts is her fans favorite part of her live shows.

This weekend, the Spanish-language music giant is closing the U.S. leg of her “20 Años” tour with a concert this August 19 in Dallas. Over the next few months, she will continue on Mexican and European stages. During her show, Jiménez presents all her hits as a soloist, as well as unforgettable songs from the beginning of her career with La Quinta Estación.


Tour Dates:

August 19 – Dallas

August 26 – Monterrey

September 3 – CDMX

September 9 – Guadalajara

September 15 – Dolores Hidalgo

September 16 – Puerto Vallarta

September 30 – Puebla


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