New Album How To Live & How To Lose Out Now!!

Written By | Agustina Subirá

How to Live and How to Lose is the debut album made by Octopus Montage that was released on April 2nd. It is composed by eleven tracks, and the second one, “Voices” alludes to a very sensitive issue: mental health. According to Knotfest’ web site, vocalist Alex Jennings said about the track: “[It] takes away the bullshit surrounding mental issues. All too often they can be made to look trendy or used as a ‘quirk’ when in reality, anyone who suffers with one knows that they would do anything to get rid of it.” What is more, Broadway World’ web page added that the vocalist stated that “It serves as a reminder that even through someone’s darkest days they can not only get to the other side but also produce something that they are extremely proud of.” These sayings allow us to see the power not only in the music, because they feel and believe what they sing, but the band’s deep and committed side, to contributing something to society, apart from entertainment.

Octopus Montage collides the genres pop-punk with metalcore and is made up of four members: Dec Naylor (vocals and guitar), Div Naylor (bass), Cain Dylan (drums) and Alex Jennings (vocal and guitar). They emerged in 2017 after making a cover of Simple Plan’s song “What’s new Scooby Doo?” which turned quickly into a big hit. Apart from their originality, their growth can be attributed to their release strategy, that consists in shifting their mindset to see their music as ‘content’.

Octopus Montage: