New Single From Bodi Bill “Better Than Reality”

An ode to trial-and-error, to DIY and to friendship: Bodi Bill are a band that works within contexts. Now they are picking up the thread again. “Kiss Operator”, the first track in almost seven years, offers a first glimps on Bodi Bill’s music to come. A little meditation on optimism and confidence, the track gets quickly to what Bodi Bill is and always was: the joy of experimenting, mutual creative motivation, unconditional curiosity.

For almost seven years there was no new music. Up to this point Bodi Bill are pioneers of a modern musical eclecticism of techno, folk and indie. Out of the blue and without much clamor, they grow into the hearts of their listeners, making them burst, again and again in sweaty live shows. At the band’s climax, other experiments become more interesting and more important. Since 2012 Fabian Fenk and Anton Feist carry tenderness into techno with The/Das, while Alex Stolze works on linking urban pop music with the intimate sound sphere of traditional instruments with his band UNMAP as well as under his own name. Above all, however, they leave an empty space that has not yet been filled.

Bodi Bill, then and now, is all about the exchange of ideas, creative processes, and attentive interaction. The band reflects a large circle of creative friends, who sometimes work together loosely, sometimes more closely, and whose motivation is always based on content. Being knots in that loose net, Bodi Bill unify all the energies again. With newly found calmness they throw out old working methods, challenge the band and each other, and instead of giving answers they rather ask counter questions.

“I think helping each other to shape one’s life creatively is an important motivation for making music,” says Fabian Fenk. “In the best case, the music should bear witness to this. Not to stroke egos, but simply to get to know like-minded people. And to make cool shit together.“

bodi bill

20.10.2019 – DE – Köln, Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld
21.10.2019 – DE – München, Ampere
22.10.2019 – DE – Nürnberg, Stereo
24.10.2019 – DE – Frankfurt, Horst
25.10.2019 – DE – Hannover, Musikzentrum
26.10.2019 – DE – Dresden, Scheune
27.10.2019 – DE – Jena, Kassablanca
28.10.2019 – DE – Dortmund, FZW Club
29.10.2019 – DE – Bremen, Lagerhaus
31.10.2019 – DE – Hamburg, Mojo Club
02.11.2019 – DE – Berlin, Säälchen – sold out!
04.11.2019 – DE – Berlin, Säälchen

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