Nia Sultana Releases Debut EP Bigger Dreams Featuring Rick Ross & Che Ecru

Today, Brooklyn singer/songwriter Nia Sultana releases her soul-baring debut EP Bigger Dreams via Interscope Records. Stream HERE. The project is supported by the single, “Proven,” which features Rick Ross and boasts a comforting, hypnotic music video. The EP also includes otherworldly singles such as “In The Morning” and “Ambience,” which have helped show the many sides of Sultana to her already devoted fanbase.

“Proven” is a relatable tale about unstable relationships and what happens when one person puts in more effort than the other. With its low-key drum beat and swelling synth strings, the ballad glides across the ears like a light breeze. “You’re only interested when someone’s stepping up and I start questioning this situationship and the time that I’ve put in,” Sultana ponders. Meanwhile, Ross drops a verse painting a luxurious picture of the life they could share.

The song’s video reflects its deeply personal nature with a retreat-like setting, placing Sultana among natural springs and lush greenery. The vulnerability and boldness of “Proven” is a winning introduction to the Bigger Dreams EP, on which Sultana navigates the many stages of love: falling in it, falling out, and all the messy in-betweens. Self-respect echoes throughout the record, from the cheek-blushing ballad “Element” to the self-care anthem “In The Morning” and the hopeful title track. But Sultana also knows when to let loose and open up, as she does on “Entirely.”

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Sultana first caught the ears of alternative R&B lovers with 2019’s “Coconut Water,” a relaxing jam that earned praise from outlets like NPR and was featured on the much-loved Escape Tracks platform on YouTube. A Brooklyn girl through and through, she possesses a special edge in her music as she explores the beauty in the struggle while building comforting affirmations with every bar. And now on Biggers Dreams, Sultana’s potent blend of Quiet Storm soul and lyrical songcraft delivers a dose of the healing R&B that the world needs right now.

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