Latin music heavyweights, Nicky Jam and Maluma, have teamed up with GRAMMY® winning duo, The Chainsmokers, in a one-of-a-kind collaboration set to shake up the music scene. The result of this explosive fusion is their latest single titled “Celular,” a Latin-urban melody that combines the talents and styles of these outstanding artists. 

Celular” is a song that blends Latin and urban rhythms, with a special touch by incorporating sounds from regional Mexican music, adding an authentic and fresh twist to the track. The result is a vibrant and infectious musical proposal that is sure to become the next hit on playlists all summer long.

But that’s not all! The music video for “Celular” is a true work of art that captivates from the very first second. Inspired by the reality show format of “The Bachelor,” the video immerses Nicky Jam, Maluma, and The Chainsmokers in a thrilling love story. The three artists become contestants in this unique competition, surrounded by fascinating characters who bring comedy and mischief to the plot.

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Filmed in the vibrant city of Miami, the “Celular” video was directed by the talented Justice Silvera and produced by Michael Brett Breslauer, who successfully captured the energy and festive spirit of the song in each scene. The production stands out for its cinematic quality and meticulous aesthetics, making the video a captivating visual experience.

Celular” is now available on all digital platforms, allowing fans of Nicky Jam, Maluma, and The Chainsmokers to enjoy this explosive collaboration anytime, anywhere. This single promises to be a milestone in the music industry, showcasing once again the versatility and innate talent of these outstanding artists.

Don’t miss the opportunity to witness this unprecedented musical fusion. Listen to “Celular” now and let yourself be carried away by its infectious rhythm and vibrant energy, available on all digital platforms.