Nicole Mercedes shares sophomore album ‘Look Out Where You’re Going’ out now

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Brooklyn-based dream-pop singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Nicole Mercedes, shares her sophomore album, Look Out Where You’re Going, out today. Featuring previously released singles, “Stoop,” and “Filters,” the LP debuts six new tracks. A recent Sultan Room Live session on June 18 gave fans a sneak peek at the new songs, as did Mercedes’ performance on Channel 4 in Nashville’s “Today in Nashville” segment, where she performed “Thumbelina,” as well as first single, “Stoop.”

After pushing the album back twice, Mercedes says:

“I’ve been looking forward to releasing my album, Look Out Where You’re Going, which means so much to me. I’ve changed the release date twice because of two major moments in history. I decided to push back a May release while the entire city and I were dealing with COVID-19 and the collective issues surrounding it. I’ve now decided to push back my release to June 26 because we’re currently experiencing the biggest Civil Rights movement in history.

While I thought this would be a difficult decision, the truth is that it’s not. I’m happy to delay the release in order to keep being as active as possible in my community, to support the BLM movement and all that it stands for, and to make space for this social shift so many of us are feeling. The fight towards ending systemic racism is ongoing and I’d like to be part of the positive force keeping it moving. That being said, I can’t wait to share these songs at the right time and celebrate properly with everyone.

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This album is a very personal one for me, it chronicles the end of one of those long, meaningful relationships that mark a departure from the safety of being attached to someone, to the chaos of being on your own. And now, for me, it feels more relevant than ever, with the world collectively leaving the life we’ve been living and being thrown into an unknown, new reality.”

The new album, Look Out Where You’re Going, is a collaboration with producer Joe Rogers (Rubblebucket, Laura Stevenson). Mercedes is responsible for all compositions and arrangements on the LP, and with the help of Rogers, has created a sound that is perfectly pop and haunting all at once. Catchy synth-heavy melodies are coupled with cutting lyrics that can be easily missed and add a depth to the delicate tracks. Locals of the Brooklyn music scene may recognize Mercedes’s face and talent from her previous projects, Debbie Downer and Flocke, but get ready for a whole new era of lush, cinematic, sex-positive, feminist, self-aware songs.