NXNE Festival in Toronto Day 3

Written By | Linda Le

With the festival coming to its final day it was surely nothing short of entertainment and energy. It is such an incredible experience attending NXNE, there is something for everyone, with many artists of different sounds and genres.

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The lineup of artists ranged with some local artists as well as artists from overseas, such as No Party for Cao Dong. No Party for Cao Dong is a band from Taiwan, prior to them stepping on stage I was in awe to witness how big of a fan base they have in Toronto, with their fans rocking out and singing aloud to every word throughout their set.

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Another band that had surprised me with their dedicated fans was The Honest Heart Collective, whether you were a fan and knew all the lyrics or not, this Canadian band from Thunder Bay had everyone moving and having a good time.

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Away from the feel-good music, there was an act that was definitely a shocker for some of the festival goers. On the main stage we had a trio called Uptown Boyband, they described themselves as “anti K-Pop”, they brought rap, trap with a mix of their Korean flavour and despite some of the profanity in their lyrics it was no surprise to see the audience jumping along to the sound of the music.

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Throughout the day people continued to witness some incredible Canadian talent, such as Toronto artist Liza (pronounced Lee-za) bringing her sultry voice and R&B sound to the mainstage with songs based on personal experiences that resonated with many audience members.

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The lineup also had Kallitechnis an artist from Park Ex, Montreal. She brought such a dynamic performance on stage with her sweet vocals and fluid dance moves, I also enjoyed her interaction with the audience having them sing and get involved throughout the set. Definitely looking forward to hearing more from these two.

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As the sun was setting the crowd at Yonge and Dundas Square quickly started to grow with people eager for the two main acts for the night. First up was Anders, he is an up and coming artist from Mississauga, ON, making waves in the R&B music world. You’ve probably heard his voice on the radio with songs such as “Love No More” a collaboration with Loud Luxury.

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Closing the show was Killy, stepping on stage showing his support wearing an old-school Raptors jersey. The crowd was going crazy for the rapper especially when he performed his break-out single Killamonjaro.

Throughout the festival I saw such a diverse crowd of people, it truly goes to show the power of music and its ability to bring people together. If you did not get the chance to attend NXNE this year I definitely recommend that you do in the years to come, check out some of the vendors, discover some incredible up and coming artists and just have a good time, plus admission is free which is for sure a bonus.

Photo Credit: Linda Le

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