Oakland’s Rising Star Laney Keyz Bares His Soul In New Video

Primed to be the Bay’s next to blow, Laney Keyz reveals more about his upbringing and background growing up in East Oakland than he ever has. Although he’s lived a life full of both hardships and beauty, both mistakes and triumphs, Laney strives for more than the circumstances he was dealt and his new song, “Famous” reflects that. In essence, he cares less about being famous than he does making it out the hood. The pressures of becoming famous are inconsequential to the pressures of surviving the streets and armed with that experiential knowledge, Laney is destined for success.

Flashing his melodic bars on the psychedelic, stuttering 808 beat, the visual for “Famous” delivers fluttering, kaleidoscopic glimpses into the East Oakland native’s old stomping grounds. The graffiti-covered walls and night-ridden streets provide the backdrop for his angst as he candidly details the increasing anxiety behind his transition from a troubled childhood to rising fame. Packed with local references that any East Bay kid would understand, “Famous” reveals his origin story, documenting his his fears, his loyalties, his imperfections, his days spent at Santa Rita county jail, and how he’d love to go back home to Oakland but knows he’s better off if he stays in his new home of LA. “Famous” is the follow-up to “360,” Laney’s high-octane Lil Keed collaboration.

Born and raised in East Oakland, Laney Keyz named himself after Laney College, a local community college, symbolizing his desire to better himself and triumph over street life. Although he’s lived a life full of hardships in Oakland, he strives for more and his music reflects that. Laney started his music career behind the scenes, making ends meet as an audio engineer before starting to write songs for some notable West Coast artists. After years of working on his craft, the rapper started to release music of his own in Summer 2020, gathering buzz with loose singles and by recording his own freestyles over popular beats, including Travis Scott’s “FRANCHISE” and DaBaby’s “Blind.” Laney Keyz made noise earlier this year with the globe-trotting Russia,” the flossy trap ballad Knockout,” Colorful Sh*t,” which features an appearance from Lil Yachty, and most recently, “360,” Laney’s high-octane collaboration with Lil Keed.

Listen to “Famous”: https://soundcloud.com/laneykeyz/famous-master/