Of Monsters & Men in Philadelphia at The Met

Written By | Irina Belashov

Hailing from Iceland , Of Monsters and Men arrived at Philadelphia’s The Met ready to show off their new sound. On tour for their recently released Fever Dream album, the band opened up the night with the newly released single- Alligator. It was a fitting beginning as the song is about showing showing vulnerability as a sign of strength. Perhaps the musicians were indirectly implying that this is a show of their strength since they are allowing themselves to be vulnerable by experimenting with a different musical style in this new album.

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Singer-guitarist Ragnar “Raggi” Þórhallsson and lead singer-guitarist Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir had great energy on stage, the crowd looked pleased and the overall atmosphere was welcoming. A highlight of the evening was when Hilmarsdóttir sang a lovely ballad Waiting For The Snow from the new album. Again, another song on the topic of vulnerability and yet it captivated the audience as it was intended too.

With no surprise, the crowd went wild when Little Talks and Dirty Paws were played. The audience rose from their seats for both songs, most of whom were singing along to every lyric. It was apparent that the Philadelphian crowd still very much loves the bands My Head Is An Animal 2011 album. Another favorite of the night was I Of The Storm from their Beneath The Skin album.

Of Monsters and Men ended the night with their encore song Yellow Light from the My Head Is An Animal album.

Photo Credit: Irina Belashov

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