OmenXIII Drops New Album ‘Sorry’, & New Video For Track “So Many Monsters”

Pioneering alternative rapper OmenXIII has unleashed his highly anticipated album, ‘Sorry,’. His debut under globally renowned independent label, Sumerian Records, ‘Sorry’, is a collection of genre-bending tracks that showcase OmenXIII’s unique sound, intricately blending elements of emo, alternative hip-hop, and atmospheric beats. 

‘Sorry,’ features 13 tracks that are reflective of OmenXIII’s evolution as an artist. The multi-talented rapper, producer, and songwriter – Sumerian’s first hip-hop act – has meticulously crafted an album that explores themes of self-doubt, heartbreak, perseverance, and personal growth, showcasing raw emotion and resounding vulnerability.

Speaking on his new album OmenXIII shares

 “As I started working on this album, I knew I wanted it to be authentic and vulnerable, I took a more experimental approach, working not only in a new environment but also with a team to create something I’d never perfected before. I’m not chasing a sound but I’m also not trying to look backwards at what I’ve done prior to this record.”

The launch of ‘Sorry,’ is accompanied by a mesmerizing animated music video for “So Many Monsters,” which further illustrates the song’s inward-gazing motif.

Regarding the track, OmenXIII adds

“What is a monster anyway? It’s something you can’t see and it doesn’t really exist, but you’re scared of it as long as you believe in it. And if you really break it down, a monster is not so much about being scary as it is something that makes people uncomfortable because they don’t understand it.”

OmenXIII’s signature sound, characterized by dark instrumentals and introspective lyrics, is paired with innovative production techniques that breathe new life into the alt-rap landscape. His pairing with Sumerian Records also stirred new types of collaboration with label mates Palaye Royale, Kellin Quinn (Sleeping with Sirens), and Bones UK, as well as Gvllow. The result is a direction that represents a considerable shift from the aggressive vocals from the days of his Soundcloud releases – a time period that built his previous catalog of a staggering 500 songs and 20+ albums. 

Already making waves in the industry, fans and critics alike are lauding ‘Sorry,’ for its honest, emotional depth and innovative approach to alt-rap. With his lyrical prowess, unparalleled production skills, and distinctive sound, OmenXIII is poised to leave an indelible mark on the world of music.

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OmenXIII | Sorry | Track Listing

1.    I Don’t Even Like to Sing

2.    Do You Like Me Now (feat. Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens)

3.    I’m Not Perfect

4.    Push Me Away (feat. Remington Leith of Palaye Royale)

5.    What U Need

6.    So Many Monsters

7.    For You

8.    Oops

9.    I Still Think About You

10. Gone Forever (feat. Bones UK & Gvllow)

11. It Is What It Is

12. Help Me

13. Playing With Fire