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Montréal artist and producer, Ormiston, launches his cinematic and stunning groove-laden debut, Hammer Down, today via Lisbon Lux Records. Comprised of eight songs that draw from a concept reminiscent of Coming-of-Age films, the project highlights Ormiston’s extensive background as a producer merged with his work as a singer-songwriter. The album narrative surrounds a protagonist from childhood to adulthood, soundtracked through Ormiston’s songs that explore love stories and failed relationships in an upbeat indie pop fashion. To unveil the project, Ormiston releases highlight track, Time Fades, a song that depicts an urgency of living, a burning desire to escape and explore. The song has a charging electronic beat led by roaring vocals which gives it an anthemic feel.

Listen to Time Fades and Hammer Down here.

To celebrate, Ormiston will be sharing the music live and direct from Montreal venue, Le Ministère, on Thursday, June 10, unveiling the album with raw energy and a full band. Access tickets and find more info here.

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Hammer Down draws from the energy of a never-ending summer, a sense of nostalgia and coming of age, while themes vary between romance, breaking monotonous lifestyles and questioning one’s definition of freedom in a culture driven by social media. Having been more of a behind-the-scenes producer and co-writer for numerous years, Hammer Down represents a fresh phase for Ormiston as an opportunity to explore layers of production and writing without any boundaries. With Samuel Gemme at the helm as mixing engineer, Ormiston created a chain of effects with different plugins and the UAD MXR Flanger, often applying this to vocals, bass, guitars, and percussion, working well with the instrumentation, giving the project a real identity and connection between the songs in the process.

 Album highlight, Step From The Limelight, tells the story of someone afraid of being trapped in monotony, examining the desire to be a part of an empty culture and fleeting actions to satisfy one’s self esteem. Listen to Step From The Limelight here. The single followed a vibrant TV-lit video for the album’s nostalgic lead single, Rebel. The video for Rebel (now over 40K views!) was directed by Montreal filmmaker, Ariel Poupart, and sees Ormiston and a band performing Rebel in a Top Of The Pops-inspired landscape, evoking a retro mood, as if viewing through your TV at home.