Paleface Swiss Drop Anthemic Stand-Alone Single, “The Gallow”

Fresh off their mostly-sold-out inaugural US headline tour, rapidly rising Swiss metal brigade Paleface Swiss have released another standalone single, “The Gallow”.

On the inspiration for “The Gallow,” frontman Zelli elaborates:

“The Gallow” is a song that delves into the constant torment one experiences within their mind and body. It’s a pain that defies relief, persisting with each breath you take. Over time, this anguish fuels a mounting aggression, as one struggles to make sense of their suffering. You come to realize that this aggression won’t provide solace, and you may reach a point where you believe that the only escape from the unending torment is to hang yourself. The song reflects a retrospective look at those who have endured such suffering, and it pays tribute to musical icons like Chester Bennington, Chris Cornell, and countless others”.

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Since dropping their fourth full-length album ‘Fear & Dagger’ last year, Paleface Swiss have earned international reverence for their technical, groove-laden, beatdown filled metal. Setting themselves apart with a combination of multiple genre elements and thedistinctive, lightning-fast, rap-inspired vocals of commanding frontman Marc “Zelli” Zelwegger.

Standalone singles released this year – “Please End Me” and “Best Before Death” sustained their buzz, while a nearly sold-out US tour cemented the Swiss Boys’ explosive live reputation. They’ll return stateside for the massive Sick New World Festival in Las Vegas in April 2024.

With an ever-growing army of devoted fans, critical acclaim, sold-out headline shows and incendiary festival performances, Paleface Swiss now have their sights set on worldwide domination. “The Gallow” is another undeniable step on their mission, which shows absolutely no signs of slowing down. 2023 has been an epic year for Paleface Swiss and 2024 looks set to be even better. Watch this space.