Pei shares brand new single ‘Count To Ten’ Debut album Pei’s Pageant out Oct 10th via Broth Records

Joji Malani (Broth Records) today previews the latest cut from his solo project Pei’s [pron. ‘pay’], debut album, with his new single ‘Count To 10‘.

Featuring Hannah Joy from Middle Kids on backing vocals, ‘Count To 10‘ follows a jovial bass-led skiffle with production that reflects Joji’s contemporary musical influences. Finding a kindred creative spirit in co-producer Tim Fitz also of Middle Kids, his relationship with Malani stretches back to childhood, including a performance at Tim and Hannah’s wedding. Connecting almost instantly with a shared upbringing – Tim’s first decade of life spent in Papua New Guinea and Joji born and raised in Fiji – together they built their mutual love for music into adulthood as friends and collaborators. It’s this that Joji credits with ‘Count To 10‘s existence.

“I love talking about this song because it’s a great example of what a good producer does,” Joji explains. “Tim listens to the whole album and he’s like, “There’s something missing both sonically and in terms of your identity,” I was like, “What the hell are you talking about?” He’s like, “Mate, who’s your favourite artist?” and I said some modern favourites. There was nothing that sat in the realm of people I admire and respect. There was nothing that had that chill, soul vibe. He was right, but I couldn’t hear anything. He picked the tempo, played the beat and I laid down the bassline. It showed that he cared. He saw something in me that I didn’t see in myself.”

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The video, filmed using a combination of tape & digital, features playful ‘Day in the Life’ style footage of Malani in the Australian suburb. Pei describes the inspiration behind the video; “I wanted to film a video for Count To 10 that really highlights where I grew up. As a kid moving from Fiji to the Hills District of Sydney, my family and I had this hope that we were entering into the ‘promised land’ of opportunities. As great as the move was in a lot of ways, the hills also facilitated a lot of hardship for us. It was really cool to film the video in my hometown representing 2156 / 2155 as it’s been a huge part of my story and has shaped a lot of who I am. It’s west but it ain’t western Sydney, but this place is me!” 

Count To 10‘ is Pei’s latest preview of his rich creative world as Pei, following the recently released ‘Themesong‘ and ‘Honest‘, each embraced across NMEClashtriple jRolling StonePileratsMusic Feeds and more. Inspired to express himself narratively and lyrically in ways unlike ever before, Pei’s Pageant is a dialogue with Malani’s cultural and creative identities, propelling his craft through his Fijian identity – one that many have yet to meet. In that way, Pei is Malani’s homecoming. Threading the naivety of infancy with a palpable humility in starting from scratch, Pei’s debut is a gratifying listen in watching someone experience their firsts, for a second time.

Pei – a Fijian word for baby – is a homecoming. In relocating from London to Sydney, where he had been based since 2016, Joji nestled up inside the home studio of close friend and longtime collaborator Tim Fitz (Middle Kids) after almost a decade of writing in studios and touring the world. Threading contemporary indie, pop and rock influences with the memories and influences of his Fijian culture with natural ease, Pei’s Pageant exerts Joji’s creative being through his Fijian identity – one that many have yet to meet. Produced alongside Fitz, the album features backing vocals from Hannah Joy (Middle Kids) arrangements from Macie Stewart (Whitney, Ohmme, SZA, Chance the Rapper), and mix engineered by Antonia Gauci (Daine, Troye Sivan, Kesha) among others.

Due this October 10 via Broth Records – home to recent impressive debuts from Coconut Cream, Meteor Infant, Morgues, Dutch Mustard, Alex Rzyan and more – Pei’s Pageant  freely explores a variety of sonic influences from bright, rich production; orchestration that can swing between the exuberant and borderline ambient and country balladry and at the core, there is Pei’s vocals – heartfelt, direct and confident. More than just a passion project turned big with his band The Pageant in tow, Pei steadies for his world debut.