Phantogram in Toronto at The Danforth Music Hall With Bob Moses

Written By | Andrew Wu

Electropop duo Phantogram made their only Canada stop for their headlining tour with Canadian electronic duo, Bob Moses at the Danforth Music Hall.

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The night started with Bob Moses’s Jimmy Vallance and Tom Howie performing their mix of their compelling electronic sounds. The audience is grooving to the opening songs: “Heaven Only Knows,” “Talk”, and “Back Down.” After slowing down with the chill tempo of “Enough To Believe,” they brought back the energy with more upbeat vibes such as “Like It Or Not,“ and “All I Want.”.

It was an entertaining set, as they continue to get the crowd moving as they prepare for the main act.

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The lights dim down, and the audience is immediately excited to see that Phantogram is ready to perform. Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter stand in the middle of the stage in dim lights as they perform the opener and a new song from the duo, called “News Today.” The lights go black and immediately bursts and flashes with energy, as Phantogram transitions to “Black Out Days.” Barthel sings with raw emotion and uplifting vocals, while Carter moves with the music with intensity. Throughout the show, they continued to play some of their fan favourites, such as “You Don’t Get Me High Anymore,” and “Fall In Love,” while they also performed their new releases: “Into Happiness,” and “Mister Impossible.”

For the last song, they entertained the fans with the song that got them known from around the world, “When I’m Small.” This show was a treat for those who are fans of the world of electropop music, and a chance to witness the talent of Phantogram and Bob Moses ability to make energetic electronic sounds.

Photo Credit: Andrew Wu

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