Pop Punk Powerhouses State Champs Hit The Stage with Our Last Night, The Dangerous Summer and Grayscale

Written By | Matthew Guarrasi

On March 3rd at The Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto, pop punk powerhouses State Champs hit the stage with Our Last Night, The Dangerous Summer and Grayscale. The Phoenix was sold out and filled with eager and energetic pop punk fans ready to mosh, crowd surf and sing along to their favourite tracks.

Photo By | Matthew Guarrasi

I was glad to see Grayscale opening the show as I have been a fan of their music for a while now. The catchy hooks and relatable lyrics had a lot of people singing along. I’ve seen them live three times and it’s amazing to see their fanbase in Toronto grow over the past couple years; from opening at the Hard Luck to playing a sold out gig at one of the biggest venues in the city.

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Photo By | Matthew Guarrasi

Next up was The Dangerous Summer, which in my opinion was the least enjoyable act of the night. Not many people in the audience knew their music and I found it to be bland and boring. Some of their songs were decent but it didn’t stand out to me overall.

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Our Last Night
Photo By | Matthew Guarrasi

After their underwhelming set, Our Last Night hit the stage. Their performance wasn’t of my taste but the crowd seemed to really enjoy their catchy sing along choruses and memorable hooks.

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Last but not least was the headliner, State Champs. I had never seen them before and I was very impressed with their performance and energy. As soon as they began, vocalist Derek Steez had the crowd of their feet and singing along to their tunes. Overall it was an enjoyable show and I definitely want to catch State Champs and Grayscale next time they roll through Toronto.

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