Picking up the pace following their debut single “Death To Wall Art,” New York multiform artist Shirt with GRAMMY® Award-wining producer Jack Splash [Kendrick LamarJ. ColeAlicia Keys] deliver us their new single entitled “Dave Chappelle Is Wrong (Beef With God)” out today. Listen to “Dave Chappelle Is Wrong (Beef With God)” HERE via Mello Music Group. The song bulldozes the way for their anxiously awaited collaborative project, I Turned Myself Into Myself, being released on November 22.

“Dave Chappelle Is Wrong (Beef With God)” fuses Shirt’s airtight flow and wordplay with an off-kilter groove. Serving as the opening track of the new album, the song highlights bold ideas from the artist regarding the times we live in, covid, mass shootings, influencer culture, and traumatic upbringings. “Beef With God” is meant to articulate the larger idea of challenging even your heroes. Engaging with the phrase conceptually, adding it to the title of the work, and tagging the account on Instagram of the same name, we learn @BeefWithGod is actually an art and choreography practice and moniker by Shirt’s friend, the artist Renata Pereira Lima. Influenced by notions of postmodern dance, Beef With God are Guerilla-style interventions by Renata executed in the form of live dance performances and happenings, that Shirt has been particularly inspired by for some years now. Speaking directly to Dave Chappelle’s recent statements and comedy routines referencing the LGBTQ community as well as cancel culture et large, Shirt sends a message straight from the heart to the iconic comedian, rapping, “I might’ve learned to fight ‘fore I learned to talk––I got a slick mouth, you already know it. I don’t wanna hear your musty Chappelle opinion. I don’t need your review, I read a million. I’d tell that man to his face: You hurt people and put people in danger. Simple as that, the jokes put people in dangerThe dummies think it’s funny. I think you should be more careful who you make comfy––I don’t care about the money.” 

This new song lands on the heels of Shirt’s debut single on Oct 4th, “Death To Wall Art.” Premiering on HYPEBEAST Shirt quipped, “It’s nice to get a Hypebeast premiere but I have real issues with hype culture in general we can talk about when you guys are ready.”

Both new singles prepare for the full-length I Turned Myself Into Myself, the new Shirt LP set to provide a reintroduction to the artist’s music and distinctive artistic approach. Tailor-picking music from an archive of over 15 years of beats by the producer Jack Splash, Shirt’s I Turned Myself Into Myself describes the becoming of himself and his artistry, the development of his ideas, and the unlikely life and career he’s been able to forge. 

The song is titled “Dave Chappelle Is Wrong” but it could be “Ye is wrong” or anyone else I think is being loudly, dangerously wrong about something––that I also maybe still love. I guess that’s the criteria for who I’d even mention by name, right?  Let alone name a song after. Some people won’t even get the name drop but are equally damaging or worse. I love Drink Champs but even in that room we can do a lot better. But that’s why it’s “beef with god” because these people are still gods to me. I think you have to beef with your gods or any larger-than-life entities, and these institutions that we come to believe in. Ren’s practice @beefwithgod are these dances she is doing but I see them like fights too. This physical beefing with your god back and forth, whether the god in or outside of us. We fight and wrestle with our ideas and must confront our worst fears and we see various physical manifestations of that. Or I don’t know, maybe that’s my trauma talking. It’s hard seeing past the fight, so I learned to incorporate the fight in my moves now. Not only are these guys my elders but they’re my major creative and intellectual inspirations and helped make me. Chappelle is one of the ones who taught me how to think, that’s just my truth. But that doesn’t mean these people can’t be wrong or they can’t say or believe some horrible, harmful shit. In fact, it might mean because I respect them how I do, and we’re here and I’m me––I might gotta be the one that will call them out. I know fighting. I like to think I’m learning how to acutely tell when a fight is worth it to have.

Get ready to experience the vital vision of Shirt and Jack Splash on I Turned Myself Into Myself (2022). 

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