Freshly signed to Big Beat Records and armed with a slew of anthems ready in the wings, 25-year-old singer / songwriter Ravenna Golden is poised for pop success. The past few years saw Ravenna help to formulate the hyperpop genre with the release of a handful of singles, her debut album Girl Gone Wild, and most recently her collaborations on the buzzy Cake Pop 2 album (Lewis Grant, Dylan Brady). Today she’s back with her new single “R U Joking”, written by Ravenna herself and produced by Dylan Brady of 100 gecs, proving that she’s a force to be reckoned with. LISTEN HERE.

Ravenna Golden’s story starts in the suburbs of St. Louis, soaking up the sun and diverse sounds of Blink 182, Green Day, MGMT, Bruno Mars, Lil Wayne and Elliot Smith. After taking a poetry class in high school, she set verses to melodies and recorded a demo on a lark. Freshman year of college, she sent the songs to her old friend Dylan Brady who insisited Golden work on a full-length album. Fast forward to now and Ravenna is a founding member of the Hella and Cake Pop crews and a leader in crafting a unique sound and stealing center stage in the minds of kids and critics alike. Weaving fibers of pop-punk, indie rock and electronic mayhem into a vibrant fabric of original noise, she creates a blistering energy that explodes with life and sweat on stage.

In 2015, Ravenna gave birth to Girl Gone Wild, an 11-track trip through toxic relationships, party scenes, introspectiveness, existentialism, glitter and gore. Soft ballads are sandwiched between harsh-hitting electro-pop beats and toy synths. It’s a little bit bubblegum with a whole lot of bite, and the process of its creation proved to Golden that music was her destiny – especially performing on stage. Things bubbled from there into a tight string of singles, each song exploring a different shade of personality. It boiled over with 2018 single “7th Grade,” a guitar-driven sing-along ripped straight from the summer of 2001. Since then, she’s collaborated with WHIPPED CREAM and Perto on “IDFC”, chillpill on his remix of “FUCK THE CLUB”, and 6 songs on the Cake Pop 2 album, among others.

This is just the beginning for Ravenna Golden, stay tuned for much more to come.


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