RBD, the iconic music band that touched generations with their songs, performances and unique fashion style, is being honored by the regional Mexican genre with the project, “SOMOS REBELDES.” This tribute seeks to recognize the impact RBD had in music and Mexican culture, adapting their songs to different genres like Sinaloan banda, cumbia, norteño, and tumbado, among others.

“SOMOS REBELDES” is a project integrated by different artists within the regional Mexican genre. In its first phase, four singles have been released on digital platforms, with the participation of Banda Los Sebastianes, Ricardo Murillo with Marián Oviedo, Banda Fortuna and Los Socios Del Ritmo featuring Saak. These artists have turned RBD songs into their own musical genres, making the iconic songs from the group theirs.

Banda Los Sebastianes expressed their admiration for RBD, stating the band was a music icon marking their adolescence with the way they dressed, their songs, and sold out concerts wherever they performed.

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Los Socios Del Ritmo stated RBD broke stereotypes, creating fashion trends while their music would play everywhere, considering them the best Mexican band. Saak, on his end, highlighted the fashion trends RBD promoted both through their soap opera and music, and mentioned he liked each of their songs.

Ricardo Murillo mentioned RBD became a musical phenomenon and their story was a trend, allowing the audience to identify with at least one of the actors.

In the next couple of days, the second part of this material will be released promising more musical surprises for fans of RBD and the regional Mexican genre.