Emerging pop sensation Reiley has shared his latest track, Lovesongs – available now via Atlantic Records. The highly anticipated song gained traction on social media with Reiley’s teaser videos amassing over 596K views. The release arrives on the heels of his performance at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023, where his single “Breaking My Heart” was the Danish national selection. 

“You know when every single thing reminds you of that one person you want to forget? Exactly. I was in Denmark preparing for Eurovision and I was finding it really hard to focus cause I couldn’t get this one person out of my head.  ‘Lovesongs’ is 100% my favorite song I have ever written. It’s the beginning of a new Reiley era and I’m so ready.”  – REILEY 

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Born to remote origins in the Faroe Islands (about 200 miles north of the UK with a population of just over 50,000 people), Reiley quietly made a global impact with an exuberant presence as loud as his traffic-stopping voice and as colorful as his runway-ready aesthetic.  During 2020, he embraced TikTok (@reiley) as a way to connect with listeners far and wide.  Against a colorful backdrop, he belted hits into a silver mic practically floating in front of him, ultimately generating over 1 billion views, inciting 134 million likes, and attracting nearly 11 million followers.

Reiley’s infectious debut single “Let It Ring” was deemed “already historic” by PAPER Magazine upon release in early 2021, in addition to receiving praise from the likes of Billboard, Cosmopolitan, Flaunt & more. Featuring the first-ever licensed sample of the instantly recognizable official iPhone ringtone, the track has generated over 20 million streams and saw incredible official chart placement in South Korea. Reiley followed soon after with his debut EP brb, having an identity crisis and a run of standout singles including “blah blah blah” & “Moonlight ” with AB6IX.


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