Retro-Futurism Races through Ken Anthony’s Defiant “Menace II Society”

Ken Anthony is a talented musician who holds many accolades. His music is a fusion of various genres, including hip-hop, soul, and jazz. His performances are a masterpiece of rhythm, melody, and lyrics. His ability to blend different sounds and techniques while maintaining a coherent theme is remarkable.

Ken Anthony’s music often addresses the struggles of everyday life. In his songs, he inspires people to work hard, never give up and follow their dreams. His songs reveal his authenticity and vulnerability. He bares his soul, opens up about his own struggles, and dishes out words of wisdom.

Ken is a gifted musician with a relatable story about the transformative power of music. His curative compositions and performances are proof of his dedication to the art form. Through his music, the artist inspires people to overcome their struggles, heal from past traumas, and pursue their passions.

Ken Anthony offers a driving rhythm with deep-set optimism in “Menace II Society.” He employs a physicality to the groove, as it has a “live” sound, allowing the rest of the verses to race by at a breakneck pace. The lyricism is clever, for he lets a whole experience of maturing define the narrative. He looks back on what’s happened and expresses hope for what will happen. Volume is a must, with the track going right for the intoxicating, from his fiery fast flow to the nimble angular work of the bassline. In many ways, Ken draws upon the similar neon-hued splendor of the Weeknd as there is that same confessional quality, the same yearning. 

Nothing is held back, for he dives headfirst into the intoxicating sound. Melodies rest on the sidelines, adding to the enormity of the piece. Despite the short, pop-friendly run time, he packs a lot into the punches. Beats have an emotional resonance, featuring a clever production technique to round the sound further. He has a giddy energy to his delivery, which brings the listener in, as if the listener is a friend to him, letting every element sparkle in this distinctive twilight. Cycles occur throughout, allowing the song a nice amount of leeway as Ken brings aspects of pop, R&B, hip-hop, and soul into the fray. 

“Menace II Society” goes for the sense of evolution, as Ken Anthony reflects on all the many ways a person can change.