Rex Orange County in Toronto at The Danforth Music Hall

Written By | David Lam

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Alexander O’Connor, better known as Rex Orange County is an English recording artist that has recently been on the rise and isn’t stopping any time soon. On October 25th 2019, Rex released an album which he named Pony. On Pony, a collection of 10 powerful songs, O’Connor speaks about being a youth in love, being “stressed” and reminiscing.

Last week, he sold out three nights at the Danforth Music Hall while on his Pony tour and it was quite a show. The audience was nothing but energetic, engaging and intense. They were as loud as a jet plane’s engine during takeoff and more importantly knew every single word to all 10 songs of his album.

See More Photos of Rex Orange County Here

His stage presence was also on par with the audience and kept the energy level appropriate to the tempo of the songs. Moreover, he had a level of interaction with the crowd far larger than expected. Whether it was running in the media pit and giving high-fives to his fans on the front row, counting down from 3 with fans right before the drop of a song or taking song requests, the fans truly felt incorporated in his performance. In addition, the stage decoration was phenomenal. Turf/artificial grass was placed across the entire stage with flowers appearing from beneath, and a massive backdrop of clouds. This creative enhancement led the crowd to be introduced in a setting filled with fantasy and sprinkles of a dream-like mood. Overall, Rex Orange County had a great performance for Toronto.

Photo Credit | David Lam