Rival Sons in Nashville at Cannery Ballroom

Written By | Brian Holden

On the third night of their mostly sold out Feral Roots tour, America’s number one new rock and roll artist electrified a sold-out Cannery Ballroom. One thousand fans quickly filled the room, packed shoulder to shoulder anxiously awaiting the Rival Sons.

The Sheepdogs – a groovy, southern rock inspired band hailing from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan kicked the night off. Long hair, handlebar mustaches, and a rhinestone cowboy –  They looked like something straight out the 70’s. Their stage presence was phenomenal, each member was interactive with the crowd as they were with each other.


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At one point the keys/ tamborine player switched to a trombone and the rhythm guitar/ lead singer went to keys. If anyone didn’t know who the Sheepdogs were before the show, they definitely did after.

The Rival Sons exploded onto the stage with their classic all black vintage rock n roll look. The California hard rock band brings a classic rock stage setting with their lead singer, Jay Buchanan focusing on his voice as his instrument. Dancing around with his microphone and his high pitched yells reminiscent of Steven Tyler. The music is very crowd performance engaged, everyone singing the set word for word when the microphone was pointed towards them. Mike Miley’s classic punk rock California look with spiked hair and countless tattoos would visually represented his insane skills on the drums. Lead guitarist and backup vocalist Scott Holliday’s iconic scarves, multitude of vibrant guitars, and most of all his outstanding mustache and high pompadour made him and the stand out from the rest of the band. Bassist Dave Beste and touring member Todd Ögren who plays the keys complete the band.

The Rival Sons’ return to The Music City was a major success. Playing a venue like the Cannery Ballroom allowed enough people to come to make it worth their time, but small enough to keep the environment almost exclusive, intimate and direct. The Sheepdogs were a perfect opening act, warming up the crowd’s dancing legs.

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Photos By | Brian Holden

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