Roe v. Wade Protest Song by MILCK x BIIANCO x Autumn Rowe ft. Ani DiFranco “We Won’t Go Back” Out Now on All Streaming Platforms

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Singer-Songwriter, Producer & Advocate MILCK has teamed up with BIIANCO, Autumn Rose and Ani DiFranco for an urgent new protest song “We Won’t Go Back,” which was originally shared on Friday of last week on YouTube only, as an immediate response to the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. The song is now available on all streaming platforms. Fifty percent of the song’s proceeds will be donated to Planned Parenthood and Yellow Hammer Fund.

The story of “We Won’t Go Back” began in DC the day after the Politico leak regarding the potential overturning of Roe v. Wade, which would eliminate the constitutional right to abortion. MILCK participated in a rally where hundreds of people gathered in protest and the cathartic, powerful chant “We won’t go back!” became the resounding anthem.

That night, MILCK took the audio she’d recorded from the protests and created a sample that would soon become a song, which she would share on social media, offering the audio to her community with the intention that others will contribute their voices and stories. “Community is the cure for most problems, and this song was no exception,” says MILCK, who has documented the song’s creation and release on social media. See more from her stories on Instagram: @MILCKmusic and Facebook: /MILCKmusic.

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“The process of creating this song embodies one of my favorite quotes from Maxine Hong Kingston: ‘In times of destruction, create something’,” adds MILCK. “I hope this song gives people a sense of energy to continue fighting the good fight. I hope that it helps people process their rage, their determination, and their sassiness.”

“We Won’t Go Back” is a full-circle moment for MILCK, who five years ago became known around the globe for the viral performance of her song “Quiet” during the Women’s March. “Quiet” became the unofficial anthem of the movement, was named Billboard’s No.1 Protest Song, and was selected for NPR’s American Anthem Series. MILCK has since established The Somebody’s Beloved Fund, to use her music to generate resources for ten grassroots beneficiaries that build power around racial justice, feminism, LGBTQIA+ rights, criminal justice reform and mental health.