Sarah Proctor Releases New Single “Lost” Today Along With Music Video

UK singer-songwriter, Sarah Proctor, releases her brand-new single entitled Lost along with the music video. The track was written to be universally relatable, as it is about having fun with the person you love, going on adventures and getting lost together. “Lost” is a continuation of Sarah’s signature mellow style with heartfelt lyrics and smooth vocals over a soft production. The song follows Sarah’s previous single, “The Breaks”, which was her first release since her 2020 EP Show Your Love. “Lost” is available now at all digital retail providers via Foundation/Geffen Records.

The music video for “Lost”, which was directed by Harry Law, is inspired by the emotional struggles Sarah experienced growing up in a small town while discovering her sexuality. She would spend hours researching movies, TV shows, and any kind of representation online that she could relate to in order to feel like she was not alone. Sarah needed to know that what she was feeling was not wrong considering society’s views on acceptable relationships was so polarizing at the time. The purpose of this video is to minimize the sexualization between two women being romantically involved and highlight the emotional connection instead, with the hope that someone who is in a similar circumstance will come across this video and feel supported and accepted.

Sarah says about the music video, “When writing ‘Lost’, I instantly pictured the music video. I wanted to create something that I would have wanted to see when I was younger and figuring out my sexuality while growing up in a small town where I didn’t really know anyone else who was gay. I wanted this video to be representative of the LGBTQ+ community and show the emotional connection between two girls who just love being together and get to be free doing so. This is something that is so important to me and I hope that someone in a small town with no one else to relate to, who may be struggling and feeling and alone might see this video and feel a little bit better, less alone, and know that there is an entire community out there that will support them in being who they are and loving who they want freely.”

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