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Written By | Jonathan Hazlewood


SCARLXRD was able to put on an incredible show at The Mod Club. Everything from SCARLXRD’s DJ, song selection, and crowd interaction, made this show unforgettable 

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Before the show began, SCARLXRD’s DJ went on stage to get crowd excited. In most shows, DJ’s will play the same songs to get the audience amped. However, that was not the case. SCARLXRD’s DJ played a variety that suited the crowd. Since a lot of people who listen to SCARLXRD’s music tend to be both rap and metal fans, his DJ played songs that catered to both genres.  At one moment he would play rap artist such as Skepta, Famous Dex, Travis Scott, and Lil Keed. While at other instanceshe would play songs from bands like Slipknot, Linkin Park, and Korn. By playing these songs, he was able to get people singing and build excitement for what was to come with SCARLXRD 

Once SCARLXRD came out on stage, it was nothing but madness in The Mod Club. SCARLXRD started preforming his most famous song, “Heart Attack” and everyone from the front to the back of the venue started reciting every lyric.  

Through out his performance, SCARLXRD played classics from albums. Whether it was songs “BXiling Point”, “The Purge”, “Angels Sleep at FXur Am”, and “Immaculate SHAME”, SCARLXRD included songs that both hardcore and small-time fanwent crazy to 

SCARLXRD’s interaction with the crowd brought crazy energy to the show. Whether it was him telling fans open up for a mosh pit, giving high fives to fans, or taking song requests, the audience was truly happy to be apart of the show. From these interactions, the audience felt like they were connected to one another and contributed to a moment that they would never forget.   

Overall, SCARLXRD curated an incredible experience.  

Photo Credit: Jonathan Hazlewood



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