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Scottish-Sudanese Singer Songwriter Eliza Shaddad’s Sophomore LP ‘The Woman You Want’


Singer songwriter Eliza Shaddad releases her sophomore album The Woman You Want this Friday via Rosemundy Records / Wow and Flutter. Singles leading up to the album include “Blossom,” “Heaven,” “Now You’re Alone,” and “The Man I Admire.”

Taken from the album is the upcoming lead single “Fine & Peachy.” A firm nod to the female greats of the nineties such as Sheryl Crow and Alanis Morissette, the single proudly sticks its middle finger up to the liars, cheats, gas lighters and fake news pushers of this world. Throughout, Eliza’s voice oozes a sardonic disquiet culminating in an almost evangelical middle eight. Recorded at home in Cornwall with producer and husband B J Jackson, the album sees Eliza exploring new soundscapes – delving into classical guitar, harmonica, mandolins, drum machines, and strings, moving deftly between grunge, country, and folk, and gracefully introducing musical elements from her Sudanese heritage; characteristic synths, oud, and even a jubilant ululating traditional Sudanese call. It was a big decision for Shaddad to work with her partner.

We held off for a really long time,” she admits, “in some ways it was brilliant because you can be perfectly honest with each other, but in other ways… it’s impossible to hide your moods from your partner. Whereas if you’re going into a studio with people you don’t know that well, you’d probably just deal with it and get things done.”

The Woman You Want is a journey that celebrates the full spread of Eliza’s creative range and writing prowess. Sprawling from the introspective folk-influenced sounds of “Blossom,” to the sharp post-grunge strums of “Fine & Peachy,” to the achingly beautiful soundscapes of “In The Morning (Grandmother Song),” Eliza’s raw riff-driven cinematic trademark sound is at the forefront throughout.

The Woman You Want is a record of me figuring myself out,” Shaddad explains. “I’d been wrestling with the idea of wanting to be a better human, a better woman, a better wife, better friend, better daughter… and not really feeling capable of it… and the so the title, and title song, came out as a direct challenge really, to me, and to the listener.”

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