Sitting Down with The One-Man Music Machine of Julian’O

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From a young age, Julian`O had inherent musical talent, which further developed in his teens when he wrote down lyrics and experimented with drugs. At 15, the Kansas City native stepped into recording studios for the first time, where he drew influence from Mac Miller, Lil Wayne, and SPM to create songs that culminated in an EP released on Soundcloud at 18 years of age. Now 24, still entrenched within hip hop culture while striving to be seen as something more than ‘just another artist, this dedicated craftsperson stands tall upon pedestals built by their predecessors but secured through hard work and ambition all of his own making. Immerse yourself in an uplifting sonic journey with his latest release, “Flight Attendant.” This 15-track musical masterpiece will take you on a captivating exploration of emotion.

QUESTION: Any sort of genres you find yourself drawn towards? 

Julian’O: Hip-hop and R&B. Those are the main ones. Beyond those two, possibly psychedelic rock, since a lot of my work has an interest in drugs and what they do to a person, I feel they made me more creative. 

QUESTION: How do you write the songs? 

Julian’O: Before, I’d have everything written out well before I got to the studio. Since I have a producer-engineer I trust (Andy May), I am comfortable writing them in the studio session, in fact, I exclusively write songs in the studio. I consider the studio to be another instrument and having it there to bounce ideas off of, to refine them, that’s huge. 

QUESTION: Any inspirations for the latest album Flight Attendant? 

Julian’O: Drugs, traveling, progression in the game, money, all of these played a factor in the sound. Since this is my first album, I wanted to set the tone for what I will explore in future albums, so it has been in the making since I first started writing lyrics at 8 years old. 

QUESTION: What do you do outside of music? 

Julian’O: I’m a barber. After graduating from Shawnee Mission North, I attended barber school. I became a barber at 19 and worked at the Get Faded Barber Shop. Very shortly, I’ll be opening my storefront in Kansas City, Missouri, and I hope to make it a staple of the city.