Following the release of his recent single “Nicky Nine Door”, Smiley, the rising star from Toronto, shares “Eternals” through OVO Sound. Against a backdrop of a gritty synth and 808-driven beat, Smiley delivers his signature quick-fire verses which are emphasized in the accompanying music video directed by Del Rosario. The video features Smiley in various settings, including a studio, a tattoo parlor, and cruising in luxurious Rolls Royces and the Virgil Abloh and Mercedes-Maybach surrounded by a bevy of women. Smiley’s versatility is on full display in “Eternals,” as he explains, “it’s that new Smiley, I took a way different approach with this record than I usually do,” adding that he shows off his “ability to go on upper tempo beats most people think I only like the slow flow.”

Arriving on the scene in 2018 with his street classic EP Buy. Or. Bye., Smiley has solidified his standing as the architect of his own sound and a revered rapper poised to take his talents from the streets of Toronto to the mainstream. 

Fusing a relaxed flow and torpid cadence with gritty illustrative lyrics, Smiley narrates his personal highs and lows with a charismatic self-assurance. His voice is a trademark and his story is credible; combining those strengths has secured a fervent fanbase and touted support by industry staples like The FADER, Complex, XXL and artist of the decade, Drake. Additionally, “Over The Top,” Smiley’s collab with Drake, hit the top 10 on the Urban Radio charts. With over 226 million global streams and standout projects like A Tape To Remember and YYZ-LAX under his designer belt, Smiley is readying his next era to show just how far you can take it when you make it out. “New year, new chapter,” he says with a smile.

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