Smokepurpp just released a new track called “Remember Me” 

Lost Planet is a mysterious sector of Smokepurpp’s Deadstar solar system, the midway point between 2017’s Deadstar and the upcoming Deadstar 2. Purpp will also be headlining Coachella on Sunday as a member of Gucci Gang (Gucci Mane, Smokepurpp & Lil Pump).

Flashing a facility with delicate songwriting, Purpp shares Remember Me,” the beating heart of the upcoming EP. Inhabiting a rich sonic world comprised of bass-heavy electric keyboards, dynamic 808s, and eerie vocal samples, a heavily-reverbed Smokepurpp contemplates his legacy on the new single, hoping that his words will connect deeply with his fans. Produced by TM-88 and Rex Kudo, “Remember Me” finds Purpp showing off his smooth singing voice–no need for auto-tune. In the video, Purpp is kidnapped and forced into becoming the subject of a science experiment. Before long, Purpp realizes that his kidnapper is a very familiar face. The subdued “Remember Me” follows a series of loose singles from the 2018 XXL Freshman, including the the Lil Pump-featuring Nephew,” certified Gold earlier this year, the raucous “Sauce Like This” (3 million YouTube views) and the cloudy “But I Still Respect Women” (2.5 million SoundCloud plays).”

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