Son Of Philip and Wigflex release music video for ‘Rubber Stamp’ produced by Matt Woodham

Announcing the relaunch of their record label earlier this week, Wigflex and Son Of Philip release a music video for lead single ‘Rubber Stamp’, created by longtime collaborator Matt Woodham. 
We first heard Rubber Stamp during a wonky walk around Dam in the early hours of the morning, it made perfect sense then and still makes perfect sense now.
“When I listened to Rubber Stamp by Son of Philip, the popping envelopes and echoing arpeggios evoked a scene of exploring a reef bed in a rich deep blue ocean. The bubbling filter modulation alongside precise, sculpted synthesis inspired me to create a visual experience which blends flowing nature and ridged man-made edges.
I trained a StyleGAN2 machine learning model on a dataset of jellyfish, amoebas and other tentacled sea creatures. The trained model was used to synthesise ‘latent space interpolation’ videos, which morph between different defined visual parameters of the image-generating model. The animations were used to create a generative audio-visual composition which is somewhere between abstract and figurative, nature and machine, documentation and synthesis.” – Matt Woodham
Inspired by the story of how Can drummer Jaki Liebezeit was once told to “play monotonous” during the LSD-induced ramblings of a fan; and the experimentation into repetition which followed.