Stunna Girl, the 22-year-old upstart known for the #RUNWAYCHALLENGE that swept TikTok off its feet last year, debuts a new single today, “Lil Boy Cash,”. Armed with a hunger that has moved her career along quickly in its early stages, Stunna Girl flies through “Lil Boy Cash” with the presence of someone that’s been here before. The results are exciting, to say the least.

Much like her brash 2019 debut album, YKWTFGO, Stunna Girl’s 2020 energy continues to exude defiant confidence and a tenacity that befits her go-getter attitude. “Lil Boy Cash” is meant to be as dismissive as it sounds.  Stunna Girl is already comfortable setting higher standards than her peers, and she isn’t afraid to boast about it. This combination makes “LBC” a potentially lethal anthem, and one that aligns with what has already been a successful launch for the Sacramento native.

Once TikTok grabbed a hold of “Runway,” a YKWTFGO standout, Stunna Girl’s blow-up began—all the while, she’d barely heard of the platform. Regardless, it helped catapult the record to massive popularity levels, including topping Spotify’s US Viral 50 chart, a keen look at the records making waves on today’s essential social and digital media platforms.

After her breakout performance on “Runway,” the industry began to discover that there’s much more to the ambitious Cali-based star than her braggadocious barks. One of her first loves was R&B, and she’s quick to divulge how much of an effect acts like Donnell Jones and Sade had on her career. Following a challenging incarceration period as a teenager, Stunna Girl is ready to take her wisdom and hunger and manifest it into a successful career.

And she’s well on the way.