Sunsleeper release new single “Quitter” via Rude Records

New Album
While You Can
Out October 7 via Rude Records

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Indie rock band Sunsleeper have shared their new single “Quitter”, out now via Rude Records. The track narrates the rollercoaster of emotions that comes with being in a niche band, the highs and lows of touring, and the habit of falling victim to your own mind. Fans can stream “Quitter” now at

“’Quitter’ is about the pains and joys of being a band,” says vocalist Jeffery Mudgett. “How touring is both incredibly fulfilling while also being a detriment to normalcy and comfortability. Poking fun at the comparison game. The realization that creating music in a live scenario is often the place I feel the most present, when I allow myself to be.”

“Quitter” follows the release of previous tracks “Stay Home”, “Blemishes”, “Currents” and “In The Clouds”, all of which come from Sunsleeper’s upcoming album While You Can, out October 7 via Rude Records. and mastered by Will Putney (Counterparts, Knocked Loose), explores the darkness of anxious unfulfillment, substance abuse, and the trials of being a band in the era of constant comparisons and chart data. Dripping with a 90’s inspired alt-rock feel, the tracks envelope moments with the mist of nostalgia and the power of dreaming. The singles have gained notice from FLOOD Magzine Ones To Watch, Hot Topic, Loudwire, Atwood Magazine, and other notable outlets.

Fans can pre-save While You Can now at

Pre-orders for While You Can will be available at 5pm ET on September 2 at

The title of the record is pulled from a lyric on the record; ‘Feel what you can while you can,’” explains Mudgett. “It’s a reminder to be present and enjoy the vastness of existence while you can. Life is fleeting, and if you’re always looking forward or backward, you’ll miss the now.”

Sunsleeper was halfway through the touring cycle for their debut album when the pandemic halted live music. For the Salt Lake City indie rockers, that pause allowed them to reframe what their journey as musicians and people inspires them to create and say. After forming in 2016 and briskly realizing their Nathan Hussey-produced debut EP Stay the Same, the band entered the studio for their debut album, inking a deal with Rude Records. You Can Miss Something and Not Want it Back dropped in summer 2019, with the band celebrating with runs featuring their collaborators and friends In All Get Out, an Audiotree live session, and most recently, a run with TWIABP and Bent Knee in fall 2021.

While the pandemic still rages on in uncertain terms, Sunsleeper found themselves more solidified than ever writing their sophomore LP, with their road-tested lineup collaborating cohesively and with united goals. The band even found time to use the pandemic’s themes to rework Mac Miller’s “Come Back to Earth,” highlighting the track’s balance of self-reflection and hopelessness. (Sunsleeper on this recording is vocalist/guitarist Jeffery Mudgett, guitarist Matt Mascarenas, guitarist Cody Capener, bassist Jacob Lara, and drummer Scott Schilling.)

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