Tasha The Amazon’s is rap game Carly Simon in “That Ain’t You”

There’s always someone that sees you wearing something and cops it right after, or lurks on your IG just to see what you’re doing but isn’t actually your friend, and Tasha The Amazon is over it. On “That Ain’t you,” she goes in on this particular kind of thirst – “Buy the same fits but you still ain’t the crew / Creep on my clique but we still don’t fuck with you.” No matter how hard they try, they’ll never quite be like the low-key high-key weirdo herself.

Produced by Tasha with her production partner Danthrax, together known as the production duo Bass & Bakery, “That Ain’t You,” comes from Tasha’s upcoming album, Black Moon, due Summer 2019.

A Toronto native of Jamaican and German descent, Tasha The Amazon made her mark on her city’s music scene with her raucous stage performances and with warehouse parties notorious for getting shut down by the police (she’s even been known to pour vodka down audience members’ throats mid-show). In late 2016, Tasha broke through with Die Every Day, which earned a nomination at the Juno Awards, Canada’s biggest music awards, for Rap Recording of the Year (the same category as Drake’s Views, for comparison). When you know her musical background — classical training, love of hard-core punk, and rap — it’s no wonder this new chapter of Tasha is dark, melodic, and wildly energetic.

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