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Today, Canadian-Indian rapper, producer, and pop star in the making Tesher presents another reimagining of his international smash, “Jalebi Baby,” in the form of a dancefloor-ready remix by producer/DJ DallasKJason Derulo appears for his now-iconic guest verse, while DallasK retrofits the track with funky synth licks and a fresh groove. “Jalebi Baby (Remix)” launches Tesher’s runaway hit from dance challenges and wedding routines into the club. Listen HERE.

“Jalebi Baby” has taken on a life of its own over the past year. Fans, Derulo included, took to its cheery groove and cheeky, bilingual lyrics that riff on the popular Indian dessert jalebi. The song continued its rise when Derulo hopped on it this year, and the pair shared their feel-good music video in July. The DallasK remix only emphasizes the song’s euphoric energy, spinning up a faster tempo and adding a neon-lit, disco-inflected groove to the irresistible instrumental.

It’s another milestone in Tesher’s meteoric rise, the culmination of over a decade of grinding as an artist. Since his start, Tesher has mixed the film music of India with the sounds of reggaeton, hip-hop, and American pop. It all paid off this year, when “Jalebi Baby” went viral on Tiktok. It now sits in the Top 10 highest performing tracks globally on the app, and the music video with Derulo just broke 50 million views. On YouTube, the video garnered over 20 million views in its first week and Tesher was just named a YouTube Trending Artist on the Rise.

Across platforms and versions, “Jalebi Baby” has now achieved over 300 million streams globally. The song has become a genuine phenomenon, which has made basically everyone take note. Tesher and Derulo recently even performed the song on TODAY. Each new version, including this remix from DallasK, shows how deep and colorful Tesher’s imagination is. It’s proof that “Jalebi Baby” is just the start for an artist who’s unafraid to cross boundaries between sounds and cultures.