The All-in-One Music Queen SaraSoUnique Is Gearing Up For Another SCINTILLATING Music Video!

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SaraSoUnique is thrilled to announce her new music video release, which will be available for everyone to listen to soon! 

Singer, Rapper, and Producer Sara Denne McCoy, well known by her stage name SaraSoUnique, was raised in North Carolina after being born in Bridgeport to music-loving parents. When SaraSoUnique was only two years old, her parents recognized her untamed enthusiasm and her singing ability.

Her skill expanded as she got older to the point that, at the age of 14, she wrote her first rap song, which marked the start of her journey. She eventually began using a laptop to compose her tracks and eventually learned how to create her tracks online. Her vocal aptitude didn’t come as a surprise given that she is Coltrane through ancestry, rendering her the relative of jazz great John Coltrane, who rose to fame in the 1990s as a saxophonist.

To the joy of her devoted followers, known as Rare Hearts, she released her debut music on June 4th, entitled “Runnin'” Up the Check,” It has been ranked in the top 10 over Trend City Radio for several months. The budding pop sensation will release music video content in 2022, new songs, and an EP.

Since SaraSoUnique possesses the mystical ability to create the ideal rhythms for the song, she stands distinguished from other rap singers even though she can succeed in nearly any genre. Followers of the song are effusive in their admiration for the release’s creativity. Both her lyrics and her rhythms have an unmatched rhythm.

As a rapper, SaraSoUnique wants to push the boundaries of the genre and restore authenticity to popular culture. Throughout her uplifting music, she hopes to communicate with her listeners, and audiences, and motivate them to strive for their objectives tenaciously.

When asked about her musical inspiration, she said that she listens to many artists and her music is inspired by great musicians like Ella Mai, Chris Brown, and Nicki Minaj, among others. Sara raps, sings, and produces a variety of genres when it comes to music. She enjoys uniquely creating her music!

Music lovers can stream her music on all platforms