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As someone currently trying to expand his music horizons, there was nothing more vital than seeing The Districts preform Thursday at Terminal West.

The Districts are currently signed to Fat Possum Records alongside some great names such as WAVVES, Modest Mouse, Youth Lagoon, Andrew Bird, and even The Black Keys.


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The districts walked on stage with matching dickies suits, showing off how when they are on stage all members become one, and at that moment making it solely about the music. A 1980s Euro-Indie Rock vibe was what I felt radiating from the stage. My opinion slowly began to change after watching the lead vocalist take off his harmonica and belt sheer passion into that microphone.

Atlanta concert attendees had no idea what excitement was in store once this Philly based band marched onto that beautiful stage. The performance was enchanting, for lack of a better term. Between the acoustics of the venue and the captivating sound of Rob Grote’s voice, I could not stop dancing…

All I know at this point is that I cannot wait to listen to You Know I’m Now Going Anywhere for at least a solid two-three months straight after it gets released.

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