Introducing Cette 3 The First Girl Group Out Of Houston, TX Since Destiny’s Child!! 

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3 sisters from Houston, TX. Twins Taneeyah Biscette & Meniyah Biscette (17) and Krislyn Biscette (14), formed the R&B group Cette 3 last year during the pandemic. Now it’s no turning back. 

Cette 3 has been performing their entire life. It was at the age of 5 and 8 that the trio first stepped on stage together for fun to sing “Baby” by Justin Bieber at a birthday party where they realized they could actually sing. Before that they would put on fashion shows, dance and sing for mom and friends all the time for fun. Mom always knew they had special talents just from that but they had no idea. Each of them started taking dancing lessons in ballet, jazz, hip hop, contemporary and modern at the age of 3, performing in recitals and many different local events. At 8 Krislyn decided she wasn’t going to be a dancer and started playing basketball, learning the drums and piano but never stopped singing. She was the shy one when it came to singing so she never let the family know her true singing ability til many years later. The twins continued dance training and singing.

Once mom realized they all had interests in singing she put them with a vocal coach in 2011, had them take choir from elementary through middle school and most importantly, had them join the church choir. Other talents were emerging as well with Taneeyah having a special gift for choreography and Krislyn becoming skilled in drums and piano. All 3 were track stars through middle school as well. Meniyah stayed focused on singing and she never strayed from it. Meniyah was the most passionate.  Meniyah started taking singing lessons with Lakeisha Jones (4th runner up on American Idol) for a couple of years and at 14 started vocal training with Patrice Wilson, a gospel Artist who is now the vocal and artist development coach for Cette 3.  At the age of 13, Taneeyah went to LA for 30 days to dance under Debbie Allen’s instruction while Meniyah and Krislyn stayed home to perfect singing, drum and piano skills. At the age of 15 TM Twins landed roles in a local Houston production of the Wiz as dancers and actors.


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In 2018 the twins focused more on their dancing talents with social media and continued vocal training and singing with Krislyn at home. In December of 2019, the twins made an Instagram video for “The Mop Dance Challenge” that went viral. TM Twins (as they are known on social media) were getting hired by artists to promote their music with dance challenges and gaining much notariety. By June of 2020 TM Twins had gained 60k followers on Instagram. In 2020 both Taneeyah and Meniyah trained with Debbie Allen landing singing and dancing rolls in the virtual production of Fame.  It was at that time that Krislyn was allowed to get her Instagram account. It was supposed to be for posting basketball skills but that quickly changed. As Krislyn continued vocal training with Patrice she became more and more confident. She submitted a singing video for “Sugarland American Idol” and was selected as 1 of 14 finalists in Fort Bend County to compete.  This was just the confidence boost she needed. Krislyn began posting more than basketball on Instagram showing her unique personality and talents.

In July of 2020 TM Twins were noticed through their Instagram by a famous YouTuber- MacArthur Johnson aka “Funny Mike.” He owned an entertainment company that promoted talented kids helping them establish YouTube channels and gain social media presence. TM Twins were asked to come audition for Funny Mike and Krislyn wanted to go so she could meet him not knowing she would audition too. TM Twins sang for him and all 3 did YouTube skits.  Funny Mike liked all 3 and they were instantly signed to his entertainment company. It has been continuously uphill from there! 

Taneeyah, Meniyah and Krislyn continued vocal training, established a YouTube presence and increased social media presence. In October 2020, Brandon Singleton, a music producer and media professional with the entertainment company, took an interest in Cette 3’s vocal ability and began working with them as a group. He worked along with Patrice to develop their sound. Although Meniyah was the most serious about singing to this point Taneeyah and Krislyn quickly jumped on board. Cette 3 met with their mom, who is also their manager and attorney, and told her they were serious about pursuing their singing. Cette 3, the R&B group, was officially formed that day! 

Cette 3 came out with their first orginal song “Christmas With You” in December with a music video that had gained over 400k views on YouTube and put them on the map as a verified artist with Spotify. In April of 2021 Cette 3 released a second single, a Cover of Keri Hilson’s “Knock You Down.” As a result they were noticed by the founder of Pandora Music who now owns “Sessions”-a platform for select recording artists to perform live online concerts. They were offered to join Sessions as “Rising Artists.”

Cette 3 has successfully completed their 1st live show and has recently released “Time to Rise” which is climbing on the pop charts.  Cette 3 has also become Affiliate Partners with the “Twitch” App to promote their music and scheduled to perform during Rolling Loud weekend in Miami with the Influencer Event. Collectively they have over 2 million Instagram followers, over 300k on TikTok and over 300k subscribers on YouTube. More big things to come with Cette 3 as they will be working with celebrity artists and dropping more music in the next few weeks. Look out for the new single “Get Down” dropping next week.


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