The Green At Soundwell Good Times, Good Vibes

Written By | Sascha Steadman

Photo By | Sascha Steadman

What’s to worry about when you’re in a sold-out crowd full of like-minded people? The Green had some incredible acts with them on their winter tour Fiavaai Esene opened the show with fantastic energy and maybe even a shout out or two to the ladies, with his soft voice and chill, vibes it’s hard not to feel like family amongst strangers, I think everyone became a fan this evening.

Photo By | Sascha Steadman

Eli-Mac followed with more upbeat energy flipping her long beautiful hair back and forth as she moved about the stage dancing in her awesome combat boots. Her stunning voice gave way to a similar message about love, good vibes, and strength with a dash of female power energy. I’ve never seen a more chill crowd maybe the joints being passed around had something to do with that I don’t know but the energy of the individuals around me definitely changed my perspective on a reggae show I even felt myself dancing and swaying about.

Much anticipation for The Green to walk on stage but once they did the guitarist took off his shoes and they began to play, not that they needed to but they welcomed everyone thanked Utah for coming out to see them play even let us all know it has been a while since they’ve been here and it’s good to be back. Talked about good vibes, sang about tough love gracefully accepted a toke from a front row fan before security would notice. There were no unsatisfied ears in the whole venue, it was the most relaxed party I’ve ever had the pleasure of viewing, The Green really knows how to take powerful subjects and turn them into some sweet tones without taking the power of the subject away. 

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