“The visible effect made on a surface by pressure”

The Mass Appeal-Signed Jersey Native Showcases His Off-Kilter Charm in a Colorful HipHopDX-Premiered Clip for a Highlight from His Debut EP

Teaneck, NJ native atm is an expert beat-rider, accenting tasteful instrumentals with his tumbling witticisms. Taking a trip to Florida’s pastel paradise, atm shares miami nights, his new video. “miami nights” follows atm as he ping-pongs between two different realities–each with a different girlfriend–as a zonked out atm attempts to determine between reality and fantasy. Directed by FakeDell, “miami nights” is a psychedelic feast for the eyes, popping with bright animation and nifty camera trickery. The HipHopDX-premiered “miami nights” is the latest video from atmthe artist’s self-titled debut EP, following the wistful combo video “wholelottaguap / sunset.”

Explains atm: “‘miami nights’ is a light setting in the studio, i wasn’t talking about doing anything specific in miami or even being in miami, just a light setting that helps me focus on making the best music. Colors. Pink. Blue. The video is a trippy miami night and everyone will love it.”

Favoring organic instrumentation and atmosphere in his beats, atm uses his rhymes like a painter uses brushstrokes, with precise bursts of cadenced rhymes piling up to create an artful picture. On the atm EP, premiered in April by HipHopDX, the rapper works with producer Cor Blanco to craft an enveloping sandbox of sound, combining gentle topline melodies, often from guitars or ukeleles, with rattling bass and trap drums. The new EP kicks off with “rush,” atm’s breakout viral hit, which racked up 1.3 million streams on Spotify and 212k SoundCloud plays. Released by Mass Appeal Records and featuring an appearance from Daydream Masiatm is the ideal release for the beginning of BBQ season.

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