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The Memphis Rising Star Lives Large in this Solo Clip From Dum & Dummer, His Joint Album with Young Dolph

Key Glock – “Monster”

Effortlessly elevating cockiness to an artform, Key Glock is a rising star and he knows it. Tapping into his animalistic nature, the Paper Route EMPIRE rapper shares Monster,” his latest music video. Stomping atop majestic organs, courtesy of producer Bandplay, Glock asserts his monstrous status with emphatic bars and striking similes: “B*tch,  I’m cold as Aspen, I’ll pop you like an aspirin/Big Glock, I’m Jurassic and all my b*tches nasty.” In the video, Key Glock retreats to his mansion, where he relaxes with a group of models and a diverse array of canine companions, including a monstrous mastiff and a direwolf-esque husky. “Monster” is a solo track from Dum & DummerKey Glock’s recent collaborative mixtape with PRE head honcho Young Dolph.

Peaking in the top ten of the Billboard 200Dum & Dummer is a 22-track epic, highlighting the chemistry between Dolph and Glock and their unique ways of showcasing their outrageous confidence. Produced in full by Bandplay, the project boasts videos like the surrealistic clip for Water On Water On Water” (9.3 million views on YouTube), the Next Friday-referencing “Baby Joker” (14.3 million views), the mansion-side Ill” (11 million views), the absurdly flossy “Dum & Dummer” (8.3 million views), and last week’s Back To Back” (1.4 million views). Yesterday, Glock & Dolph shared a feature-length vlog documenting the creative process behind the new album.views), and “Dum & Dummer” (8.3 million views).

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