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“The Never Ending Summer Tour: A Night Packed Full Of Nineties Nostalgia”

Aug 28th, 2018 (Budweiser Stage, Toronto)

Photo By | Kara Bradimore

On August 28 2018, The Never Ending Summer Tour, co-headlined by The Offspring and 311 hit Budweiser Stage in Toronto Canada and my excitement to attend this show was through the roof. I grew up listening to these bands; some vivid memories of jamming out with my dad and driving a few extra times around the block after school to finish a song on the radio come to mind whenever I listen to them. They had the summer hits through the Nineties and truthfully, I could think of no better way to put an end to the summer holidays than to go to the ‘Never Ending Summer’ show.

Although a popular event called the CNE was happening right across the street, I could easily pick out who came for the concert; it was nostalgia lane seeing all the older band t shirts! Fans were so excited to be there and packed right into the venue.

Photo By | Kara Bradimore

The night began with Gym Class Heroes performing some popular radio hits such as “Cupid’s Chokehold” and “Stereo Hearts” which had many people singing and dancing along. Sadly, this band has been out of the spotlight over the years and I could tell that there were people in attendance who had never heard of them before. That being said, I was very pleasantly surprised by their performance and their ability to hype up an already rowdy crowd. They were an excellent start to the night and I am personally hoping that they come back with some brand new music soon.

Photo By | Kara Bradimore

Next to play were The Offspring, but I think this confused people a little. I overheard one fan mentioning how he had thought that they would be the ones headlining and putting a closer on the night. However, both The Offspring and 311 are co-headlining The Never Ending Summer Tour because of their fun recording each other’s songs earlier this summer. You can check them out here and here.

The Offspring had the crowd ecstatic, on their feet and screaming out the lyrics with them with their opening song. The hits such as “Come Out and Play”, “Why Don’t You Get a Job” and “Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)” kept on rolling after! Closing my eyes was like listening to the recorded versions, Dexter Holland is a legend and I may have fangirled a little when Noodles (Kevin Wasserman) made eye contact with my lens a few times. It was really cool too because the venue allowed Media to stick around and watch most of the performance when usually we are only allowed 3 songs per band. I guess it was obvious that we were enjoying ourselves too! So thank you, Budweiser Stage, and thank you The Offspring for an amazingly nostalgic set!

Photo By | Kara Bradimore

The night ended with an electrifying performance by 311 (pronounced three-eleven) full of incredible lighting and energetic stage presence, it was exactly what I had expected from such a great band. Before they even stepped a foot on the stage, the audience chanted for them to come on; the lights were swirling around with some stage fog when Nick Hexum’s silhouette appeared. Their set was a blast from start to finish with everyone singing along to songs such as “Come Original” and “All Mixed Up.”The entire place roared like Thunder at the end of each song, it was definitely one heck of an experience, Thank you, Imprint, for hooking me up!

Overall The Never Ending Summer Tour was a wicked night packed full of Nineties Nostalgia and everyone should try to check out a remaining date if possible, it runs until September 9th, 2018! Fans can keep an eye out for a new album by The Offspring rumored to be released fall of 2018 and can check out the newest album from 311 called “Mosaic” released summer of 2017.

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