TIDAL teams up with GRAMMY® award-winning producer, music executive, and Hall of Fame Songwriter Jermaine Dupri, to award select artists using TIDAL Collabs an in-studio experience

Introducing TIDAL Collabs, An Easy Way for Artists to Find Their Next Collaborator

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TIDAL introduced TIDAL Collabs, a new product that saves artists time and energy by helping them discover and connect with recommended collaborators. TIDAL Collabs gives artists a go-to place to jumpstart the collaboration process — whether it’s for their next guest verse, a live opener, or an inspiring addition to their creative community. The new, free product will be available on TIDAL Artist Home, TIDAL’s platform for artists to grow their careers. 

Artistic collaborations play an instrumental role in helping artists get inspired, engage their fanbase, and unite different audiences together through the universal language of music. And an overwhelming majority of fans value seeing their favorite artists collaborate. However, finding the right collaborators is a significant effort for all types of artists. TIDAL Collabs will help reduce the time and stress it often takes for artists to search for, identify, and explore quality collaborators. 

“As an artist whose music defies categorization, I believe collaborations play a huge part in making my music resonate universally”, said TIDAL RISING artist Nino Augustine. “I’m excited to use TIDAL Collabs to help me find other artists to explore exciting new creative possibilities with.” 

To celebrate the launch, TIDAL is partnering with Jermaine Dupri for the TIDAL Collabs Spotlight contest. Artists based in the US who match through TIDAL Collabs can review the contest’s official rules* for an opportunity to win in-studio time with Dupri, where they will get advice and insights into the collaborative process. In addition to in-studio mentorship, winners will receive marketing support for their collaborative track from the TIDAL Collabs Spotlight contest. To apply, artists must submit their entry through a form emailed to them once they opt in to TIDAL Collabs, and the deadline is January 17, 2024. 

“Finding artists and producers to collaborate with isn’t easy, so TIDAL Collabs is a gamechanger,” said Jermaine Dupri. “A great collab brings different fan groups together to connect over something fresh.” 

Artists who opt-in for TIDAL Collabs will get recommendations for creatively compatible artists who are also on the platform. Then, it’s up to the individual artist to decide if they do or don’t want to connect with a recommended collaborator. If they’re interested in making professional connections, the artist can send a message directly on TIDAL Collabs to get the ball rolling. 

“We built TIDAL Collabs to take the stress and inefficiency out of the process of finding great collaborators. We leverage our data and editorial expertise to recommend high-quality collaborators in an environment that is tailored and safe,” said Agustina Sacerdote, Global Head of Product at TIDAL. “We know from speaking with thousands of artists that they are looking for ways to evolve their artistry and grow their audience. Collaborations are a powerful, organic way to do this. 

TIDAL Collabs is available on the web only, and is accessible via desktop or mobile devices. To access TIDAL Collabs, Artists can log in or sign up for TIDAL Artist Home today. Learn more about TIDAL Collabs at 



1. How to Enter the Contest: Sign up for TIDAL Artist Home at Claim your artist profile and opt into TIDAL Collabs to receive an email with a link to enter the Contest. 

2. Contest Period: The TIDAL Collabs Spotlight Contest (the “Contest”) begins 11/1/23 at 8:00 a.m. Eastern Time (“ET”) and ends 1/17/24 at 11:59 p.m. ET (the “Contest Period”). 

3. Eligibility: The Contest is open to TIDAL Artists and their members that are legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia, 18 years of age or older as of the date of entry, have claimed their TIDAL Artist Profile and opted-in to TIDAL Collabs.