“The visible effect made on a surface by pressure”

TisaKorean – “Bate Onna Bo” (Directed by Roland de Keizer)

The Houston Rap Innovator Transforms Into Glorious Animation in the Video for His Self-Produced New Single

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Producing, rhyming, and choreographing his own dances, there’s nothing that TisaKorean can’t do. Today, Tisa brings his boisterous personality to the world of animation with the Bate Onna Bo” music video. A hypnotic and thumping dance rap banger, “Bate Onna Bo” finds Tisa in peak lady-killing mode, as he delivers bawdy punchlines and wild ad-libs. Directed and animated by Roland de Keizer, the colorful clip for “Bate Onna Bo” portrays Tisa as a seafaring captain, fearlessly leading his men and cleverly pursuing the affections of a bevy of island baddies. Premiered by The FADER, the video packs its frames with inventive detail and clever sight gags that perfectly accompany the lyrics, packing in animated cameos for Tisa’s Gogettas crew, including his “The Mop” collaborators Huncho Da Rockstar and Kblast. The video also animates TisaKorean’s engineer, a viral sensation himself, as the chief villain in the video. “Bate Onna Bo” is Tisa’s first new video from Party Pack, the Houston native’s upcoming EP, arriving this summer via Ultra Records.

“Super excited to show the world the ‘Bate Onna Bo’ video,” says TisaKorean. “I wanted to step outside of the box and do something that’s next level and different! Plus, there’s so much more coming! Party Pack is on the way! Gogettas is on the way! REAL CLUB ROCKERS!!!!”


“Bate Onna Bo” is the follow-up to “The Mop” (ft. Kblast & Huncho Da Rockstar) TisaKorean’s world-conquering viral dance rap hit. With over 30 million combined views on “The Mop” and its accompanying dance video, the eponymous dance is the first dance rap craze of the 2020s. In recent weeks, the song and dance has inspired multiple TikTok challenges, including the “or mop the ocean” challenge, which earned over 15 million views in just five days, increasing the total TikTok video creation count for “The Mop” to over 700k. “The Mop” challenge has earned the attention of a growing array of celebrities, including LeBron JamesLil Uzi VertJames HardenJonah HillMarshmelloDiploChance The Rapper, Tim Westwood, and dozens of football and basketball athletes. “The Mop” Official Video continues to be in rotation on YO! MTV (18M audience) and Medium Rotation on REVOLT (50M households).

Stay tuned for much more from the young artist in the lead-up to Party Pack EP.