TLA” hosted Young Dolph on his “Role Model Tour” featuring Atlanta rapper Kap G

Written By | Bianca Xamore

Photo By | Bianca Brown

The Theatre of Living Arts, commonly known as the “TLA” for locals, hosted Memphis originated rapper Young Dolph on January 30th, 2019 in Philadelphia, PA. This show was part of many stops on his tour, titled the “Role Model Tour” featuring Atlanta rapper Kap G.

Once the doors opened, fans swarmed in as the building became more packed by the minute. By the start of the show, fans were shoulder to shoulder and hip to hip, and those were only the early birds. Kap G came out prior to Young Dolph and performed a few of his bangers, such as “I Want My M’s” and “Top 5”.The momentum he created within the crowd was thrilling and truly made fans warm up for Young Dolph.

Photo By | Bianca Brown

Throughout the room, heads nodded in unison, emulating a wave-like effect as his lyrics blasted through the speakers, traveling from the bottom of fan’s feet to their crowns. The original lighting within the venue set the tone; however, fans enhanced it even more by using their phone flashlights in order to post on social media. Many fans posed together and others showed the people surrounding them rapping lyrics along with them.

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As the concert proceeded and as fans sung along together, strangers began to transform into friends all because of the music. As soon as Young Dolph made his enormously anticipated entrance, the building completely quaked as vibrations composed of screams, music, jumping, and clapping completely took over. Throughout his set, it was hard to decipher whether he or the fans were performing, but let us conclude that it was both. As fans emitted his lyrics, their volume continuously overpowered that of the speaker’s and at many points during the show, Dolph just allowed them to rap his lyrics.

Photo By | Bianca Brown

This performance surely illustrated what all concerts are about: A genuine, dual respected and appreciated relationship between the artist and the fans.

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