Trade Wind in Toronto at The Velvet Underground

Written By | Andrew Wu

Trade Wind made a stop in the Velvet Underground in Toronto Friday night to support their second studio album, “Certain Freedoms” that was released back in April. They are not your typical post-hardcore band. The four-person act is a band who create melodic tunes that can give an atmospheric feeling to listeners while singing lyrics about their personal connections and struggles in life.


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Trade Wind performed two songs from their early works, which showcased Trade Wind’s heavier hardcore sound. “I Hope I Don’t Wake Up” and “Fixed Blade” was a display of heavy riffs and lead singer Jesse Barnett’s powerful vocals. The band played many of their recent album, which presented more textured guitar sounds and ethereal melodies. “How’s Your Head?” feels like a tribute to John Mayer’s guitar work and soothing vocals layered together. The album’s last track, “Nashinga,” gives a melancholy and chilling vibe, as Barnett sings about a lost friend. “Moonshot” is a short, but effective track that featured Trade Wind’s attention to detail in their guitar tones.

The band ended the night with the album’s title track and “Radio Songs,” both contrasting songs which presented the audience a taste of their talent. It was a fantastic opportunity to witness this band for the first time, as I came home with new songs to add to my playlist. Toronto has been one of Trade Wind’s favourite cities to play, so we hope they are back here many more times to come. 

Photo Credit: Andrew Wu

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