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Following a six-year hiatus, artist, writer, producer and activist V V Brown will release her much anticipated , socially, politically and emotionally charged new album, *Am I British Yet?* on October 27th. Released via her own YOY Records label, the project was launched in March this year with the provocative, uncompromising single “Black British”, a song which started a conversation on Black British identity, a conversation which V V has continued to speak passionately, intelligently and forcefully around via her music, essays and videos.

Unwavering in her commitment to creating music that is a true reflection of herself in the present moment, this album marks a profound moment in her career.

V V Brown has always followed her artistic instincts and on this new record she explores  what it means to be Black and British in today’s society. This exploration of identity is wrapped in an innovative fusion of music, poetry, ideas.  Collaborating with Black British poets from across the country, V V has crafted an album that is not only a musical journey but also a profound exploration of identity. Each poet contributes their unique stories and experiences, resulting in a truly diverse and deeply personal album.

The album is constructed around tracks like “Black British,” “Twisted,” “Marginalized,” “No Fear,” and “History” and these songs serve as the backdrop for the thought-provoking narratives presented by the poets. “Am I British Yet?” delves into the complex questions surrounding identity and what it truly means to be British, especially for the Black community.

In a departure from the conventional, Brown has chosen not to embark on a traditional tour to promote the album. Instead, she is collaborating with the Arts Council on a ground-breaking project which will feature a carefully curated exhibition that mirrors the sentiments and themes explored in the album. It’s a courageous move, and once again shows the artist’s commitment to pushing boundaries. 

This time it feels different for V V. She isn’t chasing chart positions or concerning herself with algorithms. “Am I British Yet?” is a creative project meant for people to discover in their own time, while she navigates the realms of making music while balancing motherhood and family life.


The full track listing is as follows:

  1. Break Of The Night
  2. Marginalised
  3. I Will Always Be Black
  4. Black British
  5. Let Us Remember
  6. Philosophy
  7. Am I British Yet?
  8. No Fear
  9. Generations
  10. Twisted
  11. Go Back
  12. Feel So Alive
  13. Jamaica
  14. History
  15. Inhale
  16. Swallowing My Pride
  17. Mission
  18. Be It