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Victoria Nadine following up the theme of her hit single “Nerve” with her new and liberating single, “hope ur miserable”, but this time, Victoria Nadine offers a sing-along anthem for anyone who has ever felt hurt. Sometimes it feels good to let out all types of emotions, both the good and the painful, which is what the song’s message is all about.

“‘Hope ur miserable’ is about allowing yourself to feel the whole spectrum of emotions during a breakup, not just the feelings people expect you to feel. I found it incredibly liberating to write this song, and I believe we all benefit from screaming it at the top of our lungs. ‘hope ur miserable’ shares thematic elements with my previous songs, like ‘Nerve.’ Being let down by someone is a recurring theme in most of my songs, and this one still revolves around breakups. However, I shed light on the different sides to it; not everything is nice and easy, and not everything is simply terrible.”

Victoria Nadine, with her emotionally raw music and personal lyrics, has become one of the most influential young artists in Norway. With a unique ability to convey vulnerable emotions through music, she has appealed to a large audience who often find comfort in her songs. That Victoria has a huge fanbase is evident by looking at her social media platforms, with a combined following of half a million. Her breakthrough came in 2020 with the song “Be Okay,” which topped the charts in Norway and currently has 17 million streams on Spotify. The song “Nerve,” released in 2022, has already garnered over ten million streams and became the most played song on NRK P3 in Norway.

Throughout her career, she has been nominated for various awards in Norway, including Newcomer of the Year at P3 Gull, Breakthrough of the Year at the Spellemannprisen, and Breakthrough of the Year in Popular Music 2023 at the Musikkforleggerprisen.